Business Taxes

What is Included

We prepare returns for corporations, partnerships and LLCs. We can also help you with any year end adjustments that you might need.

What to send us

Last year's tax return as well as your accounting reports (i.e. balance sheet, income statement) and other relevant documents. Companies vary widely in complexity and it is likely that we will need to discuss the specifics of what is need to do the best job for you.

Send Us Documents

You can send us documents through our encrypted email or through secure fax at (717) 721-1857. 

We also accept files through Dropbox.

Send Us Documents

A Helpful Checklist


Business Tax Checklist

Terms & Conditions

 Sending us your documents means that you are hiring us to prepare your tax return and you are agreeing to be charged our fees. For all of our terms and conditions, please click below. 

Terms & Conditions