Personal Tax Pricing


$99 - includes:

  • Federal Return
  • 1 State Return (additional states at $30 each)
  • Electronic Filing
  • Direct Deposit

Basic Schedules

  • Schedule 1 - Other Income and Adjustments
  • Schedule 2 - Tax (alternative minimum tax and health insurance tax)
  • Schedule 3 - Nonrefundable Tax Credits
  • Schedule 4 - Other Taxes (self-employment and more)
  • Schedule 5 - Other Payments and Tax Credits
  • Schedule 6 - Third Party Designee

Other Considerations

Need A Local Return?

There are thousands of taxing jurisdictions throughout the United States, each with their own rules. If you require a local income tax return, you must inform us before we complete your return.

Which Schedules Do I Need?

It's a matter of how complicated your own taxes are in a given year. You might need Schedule 1 in one year and not in the next. We attach Schedule 6 to every return so that we can ask the IRS basic questions about your return if it becomes necessary.