Which Tax Form Is Best

This has all changed:

Form 1040EZ is gone.

  • Everyone files a form 1040 now. The big differnce is that the 1040 itself has been broken into a number of different schedules. The simpler your taxes are, the fewer schedules you will need. We will never prepare any forms or schedules that aren't really necessary. We will get you the largest refund at the lowest price.

There's More

Form 1040A is also gone.

  • For those who are used to filing form 1040A, you will now be filing form 1040. That doesn't mean that you must itemize, it just means that you will need a couple more schedules than someone who used to use form 1040EZ. Our commitment to all of our clients is to keep it streamlined and never prepare anything that you don't need. 

Basically everyone files a 1040

THis is how it is: a simplified long form with a bunch of schedules.

We won't get into the nuts and bolts of what the different schedules are. If you are a new client, we'll make sure you get the most refund possible at the best price.